Mrs. Siple's Class
2nd Grade
Conference Time  12:15- 1:00pm

Look What We Are Learning!

                                                             Language Arts:  Research
                                                                                                Word Study
                                                                                                Writer's Workshop
                                                                                                Research and Informational Expository Writing
                                                                                                Grammar Review
                                                            Math:                       Multiplication and Division Concepts
                                                                                                Data and Graphing
                                                                                                Fact Fluency
                                                                                                 Problem Solving    
                                                              Science:                 Insects and their Life Cycles         
                                                              Social Studies:   Culture, Customs, and Heritage
Daily Schedule

8:00 - 8:10
8:10 - 8:20
8:20 - 8:55
8:55 - 9:15
9:15 - 10:35
11:00 - 11:30
11:30 - 12:00
12:00 - 12:15
12:15 - 1:05
1:05 - 1:20
1:20 - 1:25
1:25 - 2:35
2:35 - 3:05
Active Start
Morning Meeting/Calendar
Word Study
Writer's Workshop
Read Aloud-Think Together
Guided Reading
Social Studies
Problem Solving
Specials (Fine Arts & P.E.)
Math Review
Fact Fluency
Guided Math

Specials Schedule
Blue Week
Monday - P.E. (Wear your sneakers!)
Lions-Art, Tigers-Music
Tuesday - P.E. (Wear your sneakers!)
Wednesday - P.E. (Wear your sneakers!)
Thursday - Lions-Music, Tigers-Art
Friday - Lions-Art, Tigers-Music
Maroon Week
Monday - P.E. (Wear your sneakers!)
Lions-Music, Tigers-Art
Tuesday -P.E. (Wear your sneakers!)
Wednesday - P.E. (Wear your sneakers!)
Thursday - Lions-Music, Tigers-Art
Friday -Lions-Art, Tigers-Music

We will visit the Library every Wednesday at 1:35:-).


Please be sure that you read together for at least 20 minutes each night. Then, take some time together to talk about what you have read.  It will be time well spent!:-)  Remember to Read for a Better Life!:-)

Sight Words
possible, however, store, problem, cleans, doing, hear, they're
Earth, kids, slowly, sister, understand,
wanted, yourself, important, being, short, person
themselves, direction, nothing, someone, without, either
everyone, beautiful, favorite, myself, pretty, couldn't
clothes, different, river, I'd, suddenly, finally
everything, wouldn't, probably, animal, hour, large
during, worn, wrong, you're, never, getting
enough, dark, great, inside, light, seen
hid, every, should, father, watch, children
friends, story, street, above, find, between
way, grew, start, house, does, together
until, grade, deep, view, snow, second
right, teach, party, game, try, pick
walk, ten, change, outside, part, live
catch, third, night, goes, last, school
knew, begin, winter, must, stop, happy
gone, even, grown, same, close, things
ask, food, work, brother, through, funny, gave
wrote, again, carry, wait, each, feel, always, first
rain, door, fun, sky, both, time, sea
new, name, paper, sleep, much, love, stay
fast, hill, know, use, place, let
help, city, write, top, room, under
end, behind, fish, why, car, books, good
almost, dog, anything, home, down, become
dad, take, across, world, hide, cat, tell
today, week, something, bus, year, can't
bad, give, want, three,our, going, able
four, ride, over, mother, very
your, them, any, into, just, two
than, back, after, been, away

        Please practice reading, writing, and spelling these words.  Try to find them in the books that you read each night!   

Upcoming Events

May 12th - Mighty Mustang Lunch
May 15th - Field Day
May 18th - Parent Appreciation
May 19th - Talent Show
May 23rd - Awards Day
May 24th - GT Expo
May 25th - Fine Arts Concert
May 26th - Mustang Market
May 29th - School Holiday
June 1st - End of Grading Period/Last Day for Students

Class News

If you would like to receive our class information texts about upcoming events, assignments, and class news,
please text @mrssiple to 81010 or (469)619-6529.  It's a great way to stay in touch!

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Notes from Mrs. Siple

Welcome to our Second Grade Class!  We have so much learning to do and so much fun to have!  Your brain will grow bigger and bigger each and every day!  Sometimes, things will be easy-sometimes, things will be hard, -sometimes we will fail, sometimes we will succeed, -sometimes, we will feel like working, sometimes, we will feel like giving up, - but  we will never, stop trying, never stop searching, and never stop encouraging each other to strive for excellence - to be the very best we can be!  We will have persisitence, determination, resiliance, curiousity, stamina, and grit.  And we will always remember that from the first time we are together until forever, we are "ohana" - that means family.:-)  It is going to be an awesome year!!

I appreciate the opportunity to work with each of you as we guide our children through a successful and inspiring year!:-)  Please remember that I always welcome any opportunity to meet with each of you to discuss progress and goals for your child in Second Grade and beyond.  My conference time is from 12:15- 1:05 pm each day, but I can also meet after school and before school if scheduled in advance. Please call or email me anytime you have a question, concern, comment, or suggestion.  

P.T.O is a strong and vibrant organization full of wonderful volunteers who are always there to support our school and our students.  Please consider becoming a part of this worthwhile and rewarding group.  It only costs $10.00 for an entire family to join.  You can participate as much or as little as you are able.  There is always something to do or some way to help!  Even just sending in your membership fee shows your committment to our school and the P.T.O.'s mission.  Join today!!  You will be glad that you did!:-)  

"In First Grade, we learn to read."  In Second Grade, we read to learn.  In determining each child's reading level, we test not just accuracy of each child's reading, but also his or her comprehension.  This includes being able to retell a story with the main characters, other characters, the setting, the beginning, middle, and end of a story, the problem and the solution.  For nonfiction books, this includes telling the key points and the supporting details for each point. Higher level thinking is required as readers make predictions, draw conclusions, compare and contrast, make connections and make inferences.  We work on this during our reading block as a class and in our small groups.  During your reading time at home, please help your child by asking him or her to talk about the story they have read with you and encoourage him or her to include all of the necessary points.  This will help your child during school, testing, with the STAAR assessments, and throughout life by giving a true understanding of what is being read.:-)  Please also remember that reading TO your child is still a very important part of their reading development.  It is an essential component to vocabulary development, understanding of more complicated plot structures and character analysis, models for intonation and fluency, and so much more!  Any questions?  Please feel free to contact me anytime.  Thank you for your support!:-)

As we work toward higher levels of Math, it becomes more and more important for every child to be fluent in the basic addition and subtraction facts.  We practice our facts in different ways every day, but it would help so much if each child practices at home as well. :-)  There are many online games that help with fact fluency, flashcard games (check out the dollar stores), games with playing cards or dice (ask your child about some of our anchor activities we do for fact practice), or even just calling out facts while driving or waiting in line for your child to respond to the answer.  It really can be a fun learning experience and time together is always time well spent.:-)  As always, thank you for partnering with us in your child's education, we appreciate everything that you do!:-)

"The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender."  
                                                                                                                                                 -Vince Lombardi


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