Welcome to 3rd Grade!!!
Mrs. Vasconi
Stewart Elementary


So sorry this email is so late this evening! I was traveling all weekend and couldn't get my phone to cooperate to send you this! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend.

This week in 3rd grade...
Monday & Tuesday are STAAR testing days. Monday we will take the math from 8:30-12:30 and Tuesday we will take the reading from 8:30-12:30. We had an amazing pep talk from a former Harlem Globe Trotter on Friday afternoon. I've told the kiddos to do their best, relax, and they will Rock This! They are going to do great! Remind them to take deep breaths, ask for breaks (I'm not allowed to 'suggest a break' or take a break as a class, but I have told them that they are allowed to ask for breaks as they feel tired, are stuck, or "don't know what to do"). Most importantly, please remind them that you are proud of them and that they have done great things this year. It is their time to shine and show off their awesomeness!

After STAAR-
In math we will use stations to review and solidify previously learned concepts. Especially reinforcing multiplication and division to build strengths for 4th grade.

In science we will begin a human body project based learning experience.

In social studies we will play some fun review games for the end of year benchmark next week.

In reading we will work on our independent reading response journals. We will also start a research unit on a state of their choosing.

In writing we will begin to create a poetry journal. We will also begin the much anticipated cursive handwriting unit. We will be doing a few letters each day! They are going to LOVE THIS!!

Thank you all for the lovely cards and sweet gifts for teacher appreciation week they mean the world to me! Your kiddos are each unique and hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for sharing them with me!

It's going to be an exciting month.

Kona Ice Money is Due THIS FRIDAY 5/12
$2.50 J - Jr Kona (9oz cup)
$3 R - Reg Kona (12oz cup)
$4 K - King Kona (16oz cup) include FREE flower lei
$5 S - Souvenir Cup (22oz cup) Includes $3 refills for
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RS - Refill on Souvenir Cup

Mrs. Vasconi’s Schedule
7:30-8:05: Enrichment/Intervention/Greet Students
8:05-9:30: Math Review, Fact Fluency, Math Instruction, Guided Math
9:30-10:55: Reading/SSt. Instruction and Stations
10:55-11:45: PE/FA      
11:45-12:00: Reading/SSt. Stations
12:00-1:00: Lunch/Recess
1:00-1:30: Finish Reading Stations/SSt.
1:30-2:30: Word Work, Conventions, Writing
2:30-3:00: Science

Monday: P.E. (every Monday for 30 minutes) (Every other Monday will split the remaining 30 minutes between Music and Art)
Tuesday: Art
Wednesday: Music
Thursday: P.E.
Friday: P.E.

See Binder Inserts for math, reading, and word study info.

Please contact me as soon as possible. I often check my email when I am not at school. I will call you back quickly if you have an immediate need.



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