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What's going on in class?

  • Reading
  •  Review nonfiction text features.
  • Writing
  •  Learn how to write to inform people about how to make or create things that are familiar to them.
  • Math
  •  Measuring items using nonstandard tools. Learn how to tell time to the hour and half hour.
  • Social Studies
  •  Learn about Martin Luther King Jr and his contributions.
  • Science
  • Record and observe changes in the weather.

Snack time

  • Class snack donations are greatly appreciated.
The approved items are:
  • Veggie sticks
  • Goldfish
  • Pretzels
  • Cheerios
  • Fruit Loops

Important News!!!!
*Please make sure your children have money in their lunch account.  Every Friday there are "sweet treats" such as  Ice Cream and popcicles in the Cafeteria for under a dollar.


7:30 - 8:05 ~Enrichment / Intervention
8:05 - 11:15 ~Instablock (3:10 min)
RATT (20 min)
ELA stations and Guided Reading (1 hour)
Shared Reading (15 min)
Word Study (10 min)
Writing (30 min)
Math Review Mental Math (20 min)
Fact Fluency (10 min)
Guided Math (Group 1)
11:15 -11:45 Lunch
11:45- 12:15 Recess
12:15 - 1:05 Math Stations
Group 2
Group 3
1:05 - 1:55 P.E./F.A
2:00 - 2:20  Intervention and Enrichment
2:20 - 2:55 ~Science / Social Studies

Your child will have P.E. every day of the week.  Please make sure they are wearing sneakers!  

I believe in learning by doing.  We will read, but we will also discuss the stories and the characters.  In math we will use tangible objects to show how math works and to allow them to create and solve their own math problems.  The cool thing is, they will be simultaneously playing and have no idea how much learning they are actually participating in.  Your children will learn about science and the world around them.  This knowledge allows them to dive into social studies where they will begin to realize what an impact even one child has on the world around them.  My webpage will be “up” shortly and I will keep it up to date for you to know our schedules and important upcoming events.

I always encourage a warm and loving environment.  We play fairly and care deeply.  We use good manners and are encouraged to be encouragers for others.  We apologize when we are wrong and are quick to overcome and move forward.  This will be a great year for all of us.  I look forward to meeting you all and feel truly fortunate  to teach your children this year.

I use Class Dojo!  Please stay in the loop and subscribe.  

Class Wish List!
Writing is important!  Please donate colored pens.
 They love them if they smell or sparkle.  
Card stock and Colored copy paper is always loved and appreciated.

Important Upcoming Events
School Holiday - Martin Luther King Day  January 16th
100th Day of School - February 1st
Valentines Class Celebrations- February 14th

                        Our P.T.O. is a strong and vibrant organization, full of wonderful volunteers who are always there to support our school and our students.  Please consider becoming a part of this worthwhile and rewarding group.  It only costs $10.00 for an entire family to join.  You can participate as much or as little as you are able.  There is always something to do or some way to help!  Even just sending in your membership fee shows your commitment to our school and the P.T.O.'s mission.  Join today!  You will be glad that you did!                   As you know our Texas weather can be quite tricky and unpredictable with the fluctuation in temperatures from day to day.  Please place a sweatshirt or jacket in your child's backpack in case it is cool when we go out for recess. Those children who are not dressed appropriately for the weather, will be asked to stay inside during recess.  Thank you for your understanding.  
                        ~The First Grade Team
Please make sure you have created a parent login for your child.
You can do this by accessing the website:  [ ]

        If you do not know your child's student identification number, please email your teacher to get this number.
Each response must match EXACTLY to verify accuracy before an account will be provided to the you(If your child was registered as Zachary, please put Zachary even if he goes by Zach).   If you feel you have entered your student's information correctly, please contact the campus to verify that the District's student information system is accurate.
You must apply separately for each student. You will be able to use the same login and password for all your children.  

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